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Surface technology, CNC manufacturing, CAD, stamping, shaping, assembly, all of these are our strengths.


Quality assurance is very important to us.

Surface technology

Here, we offer the following machining operations: polishing, grinding, micro-polishing, brushing and abrasive blasting.


We manufacture milled parts according to requirements for modern 3-, 4- or 5-axis machines. Our lathes are equipped with Y-axis and driven tools.


We use the sophisticated software engineering of “Solid CAM for Solid Works”.


In our press, we shape a wide variety of sheet metal parts with highest surface quality.

GBW Automotive GmbH

System supplier to the automotive industry

Our core competence and decades of experience lies in the production of high-quality and exclusive metal assemblies for the automotive industry.


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The GBW Automotive GmbH has its headquarters in Trossingen.

Stay up-to-date


New Employee Construction

Since mid-July, our team has been strengthened by Mr. Kevin Mink in the CAD area as a CAM programmer/designer. We are very pleased to welcome him to our team.

New Employee Quality Management

In addition, Ms. Dorottya Glázer has been supporting us in quality management since the beginning of April. We are very happy to have her in our Team.

New Employee Sales

We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Jörg Mauser to our team since the beginning of April. He will support us as operations manager with Immediate effect.